Sunday, June 11, 2006

Monday's Daily Briefing on Iran

DoctorZin reports, 6.12.2006:

Iran at the World Cup: Cheers, Tears and Protests.
  • The Star reported that German Jews and politicians protested Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Nazi Holocaust Sunday while his country kicked off its World Cup campaign.
  • News Press reported that World Cup soccer is speaking to Iranians everywhere - even those who despise the country's leaders adore the team.
  • Publis Pundit reported that despite the presence of the regime’s vice-president at the stadium, tens of Iranian fans cheered their team but also staged a significant anti-regime protest. Photos of the game and demonstrations.
  • FifaWorldCup.Sporati provided live blogging of the Mexico vs Iran World Cup match. Mexico won 3 to 1.
Growing evidence Iran has violated the NPT.
  • The Telegraph reported that fresh evidence has emerged that Iran is working on a secret military project codenamed Zirzamin 27 to develop nuclear weapons that has not been declared to United Nations inspectors responsible for monitoring Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Bloomberg reported that Iran said traces of highly enriched uranium found by United Nations inspectors in Tehran came from abroad and aren't evidence of domestic production.
  • reported that pressure is building on Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf to allow access to nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan to discover what he knows about fresh traces of enriched uranium found on equipment used at an Iranian military site.
Iran will counter Perm-5 with its own proposal.
  • The New York Times reported that Iran's Foreign Ministry rejected some proposals from the Perm-5 trying to persuade it to stop its atomic fuel work and said Tehran will offer its own amendments.
Reid demands a new national intelligence estimate for Iran.
  • The Washington Post reported that Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid said that he plans to introduce legislation next week that would require a new national intelligence estimate for Iran.
Key Iranian agents on the run?
  • Iran Focus reported that several key agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security operating in countries bordering Iran have gone on the run from their terror masters in Tehran.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • Rooz Online reported that an Iranian judge has decided to reopen the 9-year-old mysterious murder case of a flight attendant which was initially closed because of the interference and lobbying of top intelligence officials.
  • ASSIST News Service reported that thousands of Christians have responded to a plea from the Iranian Church to join them in praying for Iran.
  • Time Magazine (Europe) published 10 Questions for Reza Pahlavi.
  • Reuters reported that Iran's judiciary freed two journalists on bail after they were arrested for insulting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  • Iran Press News published photos of the people of Ghazvin protesting Ahmadinejad's visit to their town, with translations.
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