Monday, June 26, 2006

Russian Company Made a First Step to Launching Bushehr NPP

Russian state company Atomstroy export started preparing to launch a water-conditioning system at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. According to the company information, on June 17, so-called clarified water was received at Bushehr NPP water pre-treatment facility. READ MORE

Now operational tuning of equipment is being conducted and ion-exchange filters employed. By the end of the month, partly deionized water is planned to be received. Simultaneously a water chemical laboratory is being created. A group of Iranian specialists employed for the servicing the water-conditioning system is undergoing training.

All works conducted at the Bushehr NPP are preparatory. The preparation stage will be completed with deionized water inflow into the block systems. The completion of the stage is scheduled for August 31, 2006. The water conditioning system is one of the key elements of realizing the technological process at the nuclear power plant. It precedes the start-up work at the power unit. Deionized water is used for tubing washout in nuclear power plants, IRNA informs.