Saturday, June 17, 2006

Syria to Procure Iranian Missiles

Middle East Newsline:
Iran and Syria have signed a defense cooperation agreement that would include the Syrian procurement of Iranian missiles, air defense systems and main battle tanks.

Officials said the agreement, signed on Thursday, stipulated the formation of a Supreme Defense Commission and the expansion of defense industrial cooperation between Damascus and Teheran. They said Iran has offered numerous weapons as well as the establishment of defense production facilities in Syria. READ MORE

"They [Iran and Syria] stressed the strengthening of mutual ties and the necessity to preserve peace and stability as well as the elimination of weapons of mass destruction from the region," an Iranian Defense Ministry statement.

The agreement was signed by visiting Syrian Defense Minister Hassan Turkmani and his Iranian counterpart, Mostafa Najar. Turkmani, who completed a four-day visit, said the pact was aimed against Israel and the United States.