Friday, June 16, 2006

The arrest of the daughter of Koorosh Ahmadi
On May 2, 2006 and in daylight, the elements of intelligence services of Iranian regime abducted the seventeen year-old Shima, the daughter of Koorosh Ahmadi, a political activist in Iran. Two years ago the intelligence services of Iranian regime abducted Shima for 3 days and once they released her, the families complaints to the authorities resulted in further threats against the family. Prior to the most recent abduction, the family had been warned that if the father or the daughter do not halt their political activities against the regime, she would be killed or would be sexually abused.

Following the most recent kidnapping which occurred on May 2, 2006, the family began their legal follow-ups by multiple lawyers. However, repeated complaints to the authorities and providing them the identities of the abductors got no where and the court's judge (a mullah) ordered a closure of the case in favor of the intelligence services.

At this time, Ahmadi's family has no clue of the condition and the whereabouts of their daughter. Koorosh Ahmadi is asking all freedom-loving people of the world to echo his outcries and circulate this to everyone and all human rights organizations to help free his daughter from the claws of the godless and murderous Islamist Regime of Iran.

Summary translation by Siavash