Monday, August 07, 2006

Brother of the State Inspector general of the Islamic Republic of Iran turns out to be a heroin smuggler

Iran Press News: translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
Advaar News reported:The brother of Hojjat ol-Islam Niazi, the State Inspector General and former military prosecutor of greater Tehran was arrested for the possession of 95 kilos of Opium and 45 kilograms of Heroin.”

A day after the regime-run newspaper Kayhan published a proposal that promoted the idea of permitting the transit of drugs through Iran to Europe, as retaliation against the Europeans support of resolution 1696, the website NOSAAZI belonging to the radical disciples of Ahmadinejad, announced the news that Niazi’s brother become the source of serious problems for the inspector general.

According to NOSAAZI, Mr. Niazi’s brother who was traveling between the Kahnooj to Roodon Townships, aroused the suspicion of the police forces leading to an inspection of his vehicle. According to this report the inspection that gleaned 95 kilograms of Opium and 45 kilograms of Heroin led to Niazi’s brother’s arrest. It is important to mention that during interrogation Niazi’s brother confessed to having done this regularly over a long period of time. READ MORE

Other than his job as the State Inspector General and former military prosecutor of greater Tehran, Hojjat ol-Islam Niazi was also the executive-prosecutor in the bogus investigation of the regime’s own brutal assassinations of a large number of Iranian intellectuals, writers and activists, both inside and outside Iran, in the 90’s, known as the Chain Murders.