Sunday, August 13, 2006

Iran's mobile phone subscribers to reach 15 mln

The total number of the SIM cards in Iran will reach 15 mln by February 19, 2007, the head OF Mobile Communications Company’s directorate said, MNA reported.

The number of cell phone subscribers is projected to come to 25 mln by the end of the Fourth Plan (2005-2010),” Seyyed Ali Alavian added. READ MORE

Other deliveries have been assigned for June 2007 and those for major provinces will also take place earlier in February, he vowed.

He predicted new registration in February if network development could maintain the current pace.

As to the ceiling set for the number of mobile applicants, “there is none”, he stipulated.

Network optimization is part of our daily improvement tasks while there are other long-term strategies that exist in the overall scheme, added the manager.