Monday, September 04, 2006

Iran FM Says Iran's Nuclear Technology Would Benefit All Islamic States

Islamic Republic News Agency:
Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Farouq Taha conferred here Monday with Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on regional developments. According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the meeting, Mottaki said that continued consultations between Iran and Syria has foiled sections of plots hatched by the Americans and the Zionists. READ MORE

It is incumbent for both sides to exchange views on regional and international developments which has foiled some of the plots of the Americans and the Zionist regime.

Existing excellent political ties between the two countries has roots in the firm political determination of leaders of both sides, he said and called the need to further deepen and strengthen such ties in all areas.

The third Iran-Syria Joint Consulate Commission meeting is regarded as a concrete step towards expansion of mutual relation, Mottaki said and expressed the hope that at the meeting new grounds for expansion of consulate cooperation would be examined.

Political death of former Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon, victory of Hamas and Islamic resistance in Lebanon are regarded as new phenomena in regional equations, Mottaki pointed out.

The more the pressure exerted by the Americans, the people will become firmer to defend their sovereignty and independence, he said.

Deployment of troops to Afghanistan and Iraq under the guise of campaign against terrorism is to deceive world public opinion, he said.

After several years, lack of security is the main problem in Afghanistan and Iraq and continued presence of occupying forces in Iraq has fomented spread of terrorism in this war-stricken country, Mottaki said.

Lauding the bold stance of Syrian president in dealing with regional development, he said the Americans are in a very weak position and are not in a position to ignite another war for American taxpayers.

Highlighting Iran's peaceful nuclear activities which is in total conformity with international rules and regulations and under IAEA supervision, he criticized scientific apartheid and monopoly of technological know-how of the West.

He expressed the hope that Iran's nuclear dossier would be resolved through logical negotiations.

The Syrian envoy, for his part, underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria are on the same boat adding that further expansion of mutual relations would meet the two sides interests.

The Americans and Zionists try through illogical means to retrieve their disgraceful defeat by Lebanese resistance movement, he said adding that the world Muslims view Iran and Syria as heros and respect them.

Iran's success in peaceful nuclear technology would be to the benefit of all Islamic states, he said adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the vanguard of Islam seeks peace and unity at international relations, he said.

The Syrian deputy foreign minister arrived in Tehran to attend the third Iran-Syria Joint Consulate Commission meeting.