Sunday, September 17, 2006

Khamenei addressing Nokhbegan (talented Iranian researchers

Ardeshir Dolat:
Khamenei speaking to a selected audience of young Iranian talented students and researchers [Nokhbegaan]:

[His speech is long and all gobbledegook but this excerpt should be interesting to our fellow Americans]

“Another thing I want to tell you is this: science with religion is good for the society and know this for sure, without it would be harmful. Those who say we want science for bettering humanity must pay attention. …[T]ake a look at the countries where they are advanced in science. Have these people really achieved the utopia?
  • Is there any justice in those countries[like in Iran]?
  • Have they eradicated discrimination, injustice and poverty[like in Iran]?
  • Do they despite their claim, live in peace and harmony away from violence, rape and crime[like in Iran]?
  • Although they have science, they also have all of these. Are peace and security prevalent in their families[like in Iran]?
  • Don’t they suffer from crime, terror and murder[unlike Iran]?
As you see, it is the exact opposite.
  • Today the worst insecurity and state of emergency is in one the most technologically advanced country in the world and that is America [not Iran].
  • The most insecure country in the world is America [not Iran].
  • The most and worst crimes take place in America[no no no not in Iran].
  • The most discriminations that take place are in America[no no no no no not in Iran].
  • Wealth mountains as high as Himalayas and yet the worst unspeakable poverty, i.e. truly dying of hunger is in America[no no no no nr nein nenhum het not in Iran].”
What can I say?