Saturday, February 19, 2005

Interesting Quotes of the Week

DoctorZin: a few of the more interesting quotes of the week:

European leaders have recently suggested to Iran that it recognize Israel. "No. We don't recognize Israel ... and we are not ready to compromise over this with any country,"

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi

"Finally, I've found a pro-American country. Everywhere I've gone in Iran, with one exception, people have been exceptionally friendly and fulsome in their praise for the United States, and often for President George W. Bush as well."

Nicholas Kristof

"We intend to turn into an important and a major player in the nuclear fuel supply market in the next 15 years…”

The Iranian Foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi


We are able to produce atomic bombs and we will do that. We shouldn’t be afraid of anyone. The US is no more than a barking dog

A leading member of Iran’s Hezbollah, Hojjat-ol-Islam Baqer Kharrazi

"about the suicide bomber who managed to blow up only himself outside a Baghdad polling station ... Iraqi voters walked around his body, spitting on it as they went by."

Thomas Friedman

"The question is not if the Iranians will have a nuclear bomb in 2009, 10 or 11, the main question is when are they going to have the knowledge to do it. We believe that in six months from today they will end all the tests and experiments they are doing to have that knowledge,"
Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom

Syria rushed to distance itself from Iran’s unilateral declaration on Wednesday that they shared a “united front.” “We are not the enemy of the US and we do not want to be drawn into such an enmity,”

Imad Mustafa, Syrian Ambassador to the US.

Any talk of a military attack is "just not the truth."


"I love Iran and I'm no friend of America, but I won't fight."