Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sharon Rules Out Attacking Iran Over Nukes

Israel will not mount a unilateral attack aimed at destroying Iran's nuclear capability, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Wednesday in a CNN-TV interview. READ MORE

Sharon said he did not see "unilateral action" as an option. He said Israel did not need to lead the way on the Iran nuclear weapons issue, calling for an international coalition to deal with it.

Iran is years away from possessing a nuclear weapon, Sharon said, but warned that Iran is only months away from solving "technical problems" toward building a nuclear weapon.

Sharon said, "Once they will solve it, that will be the point of no return." ...

Iran and Syria continue to be enemies of Israel, Sharon said.

"If the moderates there (in Iran) speak about the elimination Israel as the Jewish nation, we don't see any changes," he said.