Thursday, September 29, 2005

2 killed during clashes in south-west Iran town

Iran Focus: a pro-MEK website
At least two people have been killed during clashes between demonstrators and State Security Forces (SSF) in the city of Ahwaz, south-west Iran.

The SSF opened fire on hundreds of people who were taking part in anti-government demonstrations on Monday in the districts of Shilang-Abad and Malashieh in Ahwaz.

Similar clashes continued on Tuesday in several other districts in Ahwaz. The SSF once again opened fire on angry protestors who retaliated by throwing stones at police, eye-witnesses reported. Two men, identified only as Heydari and Filabi, were reported dead and several others were injured. READ MORE

Last week, clashes erupted in Shilang-Abad and Malashieh. People threw rocks at government buildings and vehicles belonging to the SSF and set alight tyres in the streets, residents reported.

According to an opposition website, several of those detained were killed under torture and their charred corpses placed outside the homes of their families.

Ahwaz, provincial capital of Khuzistan, is home to Iran’s ethnic Arab population and has been a hotbed of anti-government demonstrations.

Dozens of people were reportedly killed in week-long clashes between mainly ethnic Arab protesters and security forces in Ahwaz and several other cities in Iran’s Khuzistan province in April. The strategic area hold much of Iran’s oilfields.