Thursday, September 29, 2005

Islamists pelt UK embassy in Tehran

SMCCDI (Information Service):
About 300 Islamists and members of the repressive para-military Bassij force hurled stones, tomatoes and smoke bombs over the walls of the British embassy compound in Tehran on Wednesday.

British and US flags were burnt by these pro-regime protesters portrayed by some naive foreign reporters as 'students'.

Minor clashes took place with some of the regime's security agents when some of these elements did some extra doing in what was supposed to be a show of popular support for the Islamic regime's nuclear policy. About six zealous Bassijis were slightly injured as they pushed the limit of what's believed by many Iranians as 'one of the regime's shows'.

Even Commander Tala-i of the regime's "Law Enforcement Forces" (LEF) addressed the Islamist protesters by apologizing about some incidents that happened during "sons of hezbollah's demonstration".

Usually the regime's forces smash brutally and without any excuse anyone who puts in question the theocratic rule.

The Greater Tehran has more than 14 millions of inhabitants and tens of thousands of students.