Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Washington told Ankara : The war “Liberation of Syria” is going to be run from “Angerlink”

Lebanese Lobby:
A well known minister in the Turkish parliament revealed yesterday that Steven Hadley, the American National Security advisor reported to the Turkish officials in his latest visit to Ankara, that Washington wants to use theAngelinkair base, in its operations to get rid of the Syrian regime of President Bashar Al Assad, and to supervise Iran and be able to isolate it from the International world.

The minister Shukri Aldagh, an ex-general in the Turkish army said that Hadley insisted on the participation of Turkey in the soon to come American campaign to change the Syrian regime and start democracy in the neighboring country of Syria, mentioning that the Bush Administration is going to use the P.K.K. (Kurdistan Workers Party) to create real problems for the Syrian government.

Aldagh insisted that the primordial and maybe the only objective behind the visit of Hardly, was to negotiate the plan made by Washington, to get rid of the Assad government, considering that the American administration is convinced that the bloody terrorism in Iraq is not going to stop as long as the Syrian Government is still there.

Despite the fact that the Turkish minister didn't agree on the participation of his country in what is going to be named: “War to Liberate Syria”, but he insisted that what is going to be happen is a “big game” that Ankara may not be able to stop.
Hmmmmm. Thanks to HR.