Sunday, March 05, 2006

A report on the regimes oppression against women in 1384*

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
The Organization of The Defense of Women's Rights

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, human rights activists have prepared a report on the condition of Iranian women and the widespread oppression on our nation during the year 1384*; this is however a minute part of the tragic and intolerable conditions that Iranian women are subjected to under the boot of the present rulers. The statistics below are a scant number of cases that the regime itself somehow admits to in its own media: READ MORE

The arrested:

Political activists = 18 cases
Summoned to intelligence agencies = 11 cases
Indictments = 11 cases
Issued sentences = 4 cases
Issued execution sentences = 19 cases
Executions = 4 cases
Collective arrests = 1372

Names of a number of the arrested:

Elaheh Nazjou & Akram Eghbali=Demonstrating in support of political prisoners in front of the United Nations offices in Tehran
Najmeh Omid-parvar=Blogger
Homa Zarafshan, Gowhar Saleh-pour & Shahla Ansari = Political activist (Union for Democracy seekers in Iran)
Farzaneh Aghai & Maryam Araii = Demonstrating in front of Evin prison
Soheila Haydari & Massoumeh Pour-Bagher = Demonstrating at Ghal'eh Babak
Zaynab Ba'eezidee = Member of the Organization for the Defense of Human Rights in Iranian Kurdistan
Shahla Gol-abadi, Arezoo Shahriar & Roxana Amir-Khani = Taking part in commemoration of the 1989 massacre
Rayhaaneh Pour-Ghani = Editor-in-Chief of the Ghizel Owzan publication
Mrs. Salimi, Mrs. Razavi, Mrs. Hayat-Ghaybi & Mrs. Torabian = Wives of members of the board of directors of the Greater Tehran bus drivers union
Dr. Roya Tolouii = Battling the regime
Tonia Kaboud-vand & Namo Hedayati = Senior Editors of Payam'eh Mardom (The People's Message) publication
Leila Safari = Selling photo of Iranian hero Babak Khorram-Din (
Soraya Aziz-Panah = Publishing lies and falsehood
Elham Afroutan = Insulting the order
Sentenced to Death:

Kobra = 50 years old
Fatemeh = 24 years old
Fatemeh = 28 years old
Fatemeh = 31 years old
Akram = 30 years old
Fatemeh M. = 37 years old
Zahra = 25 years old
Leila = 29 years old
Hajer Vafai = not known
Raaheleh = 25 years old
Akram = 27 years old
Massoumeh = 22 years old
Delara Darabi = 19 years old
Afsaneh = 22 years old
Nazenin = 17 years old
Azam Faryod Ghereh-Shirani =35 years old
Behjat = 35 years old
Akram = 25 years old
Azam Rezaii = 20 years old

Roya = 28 years old, hanged
Akram N. = 25 years old, hanged
Massoumeh = age unknown, hanged in Evin prison
Raaheleh = 25 years old, hanged in Evin prison
Savagely beaten by Security and Intelligence forces:

Shahla Ansari
Maryam Araii
Sheeva Nazari-Ahari
Akram Eghbali
Massoumeh Baba-pour
Dr. Roya Tolouii
Mass arrests for intimidation or terrorizing purposes:

15 women who were arrested for attending a party
8 actresses who were at a cast party where there was dancing and alcohol
1000 women who were wearing unsuitable and un-Islamic attire (bad veiling)
11 women who attended a non-governmentally supervised Friday prayers
22 girls for attending a social gathering
11 women for attending a party
4 for protesting
79 for bad veiling and unsuitable and un-Islamic attire
150 at the Sufi gathering in Qom
72 for lewdness
Womens' website that were filtered and blocked:

Zan'eh Iran (Iran's Woman)
Kaanoon'eh Zanaan'eh Iran (The Society of Iranian Women)
Tribun'eh Feministi
Zanaan'eh Iran Jahan (The Women of Iran's World)

*The Iranian calendar (also known as the Jalaali Calendar) is a solar calendar currently used in Iran and Afghanistan. It is observation-based, rather than rule-based, beginning each year on the vernal equinox as precisely determined by astronomical observations from Tehran. The Iranian calendar was legally adopted by the Persian parliament on March 31st, 1925, specifying the adaptation of the calendar from its Zoroastrian origins to the numbering of the year which is representative of year the of Mohammad's migration from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE; the Zoroastrian origins of this is a celebration of the first day of spring, that the year is the "true solar" year "as it has been", and specifying the month names and the number of days in each month. On March 21st the year 1384 will officially end and 1385 will begin.