Monday, June 05, 2006

Planning Iran Take Over

Alan Peters, AntiMullah: Woman Power the Solution
OK, so we listen to Alan Peters in his article "Iran, Justified Final Solution" and we bomb the hell out of the Revolutionary Guard, the Basiji, the Ghods Brigade and wipe out all the military armories and warehouses, fuel and transport depots and use deep penetrating non-nuclear bombs to bury the entrances to all the nuclear facilities.

We kill some 400,000 elite military personnel in doing the above and sadly have collateral damage of some 30,000 civilian deaths as the "smart" Mullahs, who could not care less about their own people, have located sensitive nuclear and military sites under populated areas. Human shields of unknowing, unwilling and innocent Iranians to make us hesitate. Hesitate long enough so Iran can then destroy the lives of millions with nuclear and oil weapons as soon as possible or blackmail the world into appeasance.

No matter what anyone says publicly, facts on the ground indicate Iran already has at least four operational nuclear warheads inside missile cones and ready to go.

So having done all this, what do we do then?

The people, suddenly unhampered by threats from the now evaporated military bodyguards of the Mullahs, seethe out of their homes and cut every mullah throat or hang them from every lamp-post between Tehran and Shemiran along the road which used to be called Pahlavi Avenue. They even have our "Most Wanted" list to pinpoint some of the more elusive ones.

And now, who steals the show in the ensuing chaos? The Mojaheddin who lost it to the clerics because the mosques were the only organized network once the Shah's government was dragged down – mostly by civil servants themselves?

The very recent gathering of broad spectrum opposition leaders in London, ranging from dyed in the wool Communists, liberal Mossadeghi Nationalists, all the way through to the other end of Constitutional Monarchists, connected by various proponents for a republic in between appear to be taking action to avoid a vacuum.

So far, they managed to choose a nine-member council charged with organizing a large congress within the next three months to discuss and try to put in place an Administration that will take over in the event the Mullahs vanish. READ MORE

Until recently, all meetings like the London one, with a Berlin meeting as a prime example quickly fell apart as coalitions split up and personal dissent ruled the day. My way or the highway became the catchword even among groups of similar political philosophies, many of whom would only support a leader of their choice, not someone else in their "party".

Reminds me of early days in London right after the 1979 Khomeini pestilence of Iran where this false cleric's return to a Shia country not his own – as an invader with no Persian blood in his veins and a Sunni theological upbringing, was technically no different to the Mongol invasion by Genghis Khan.

One of the very first demonstrations against him, organized by Royalists faithful to the late-Shah, was outside the Iranian Consulate. I counted 27 people, including myself, who showed up; of whom some 20 were organizers.

Of the 20 organizers – all royalists led by a mid-ranking police officer in one group, a former employee of the Shah's twin sister and his group and a couple of other groups, none would speak to each other. All claiming the exclusive right to represent the Monarchy and co-operation the very last thing to which they would agree.

Luckily, in retrospect, they all knew or got to know me and all talked to me, so I became the hub of a wheel that eventually fielded demonstrations – along with the pro-Bakhtiar followers – of some 12,000 marchers.

The nine-member council now has to play the same role with an even greater disparate set of opinions and political philosophies.

The one hope is that everyone, including the powers that be in the EU and the USA seem to have realized the time has come for unity of purpose to put in place an interim Administration, rather than a government and separatism can come later when elections of some kind can be held.

What still lacks in all this would be a charismatic leader to be the glue for the effort. The young Shah has a catalytic but not yet quite a charismatic presence, though his speeches are beginning to sound more like his father's and the other alternative is a student figure like Ahmad Batebi, who lacks political experience beyond getting badly hurt by the Mullahs and became a visible icon but not a clear leader elders could follow comfortably..

The real solution for organizing the "aftermath" chaos is to turn to the women of Iran. Unlike women in other countries in the Middle East region, women have for the longest time been the power behind the throne and manipulated the men who called the shots. Women in Iran, specially under the late-Shah played greater and greater roles themselves instead of behind the scenes. Some, like Shirin Ebadi, turned traitor and act as a stalking horse for the Mullahs' "democratic legitimacy" similarly to the role adopted by former President Khatami.

On the other hand, every neighborhood in every town or city in Iran has one or several powerful women of strong beliefs for the good of their locale. Not the chador wearing, unprincipled, "Daughters of Fatemeh" kind who are Mullah shills and derive their power from the clerics but the white haired or somewhat younger "activists", who fumed and suffered under the Mullahs. Identify these and put them in charge of their neighborhoods. Let them form the local "Committees" (Komiteh) that the clerics put in place to quickly wrest control from the Mojaheddin.

Iranian women, more than Westerners, bond quickly when given common cause, though like their counterparts worldwide can be over competitive with those of a same or similar age group. On the other hand, respect for age and "seniority" which is noticeably lacking in the Western world, allows a neighborhood elder to provide leadership.

Woman power, about which we expend countless, almost worthless verbiage in the West, could be the easiest solution for administration at the neighborhood level and consequently with links to each other set up beforehand, provide a network that will overcome the chaos of the overthrow.