Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Iran develops 900 kg guided bomb

DNA India:
Iran announced on Wednesday that it has developed a 900 kg guided bomb named Ghased, or "Messenger," aimed at enhancing its defensive capabilities.

"Within the framework of enhancing our defence capabilities and in accordance with our deterrent principles, we have designed and manufactured a 900-kg guided bomb," Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said.

A guided bomb typically uses laser technology to more accurately hit its target and is a weapon commonly used by the world's air forces. READ MORE

Iran has also remodelled one of the warplanes in its fleet and successfully test flown the aircraft. The reports did not specify which plane had been remodelled but pictures on state television of the re-designed plane indicated it was based on a US-built F-5. Iran still uses planes, such as the F-5, supplied by the United States to the government of the former shah of Iran, who was a close US ally. Mohammad Reza Shah was toppled in the 1979 Islamic revolution, after which Washington severed ties with Iran.

The remodelled plane is called the Saeqeh, or Thunderbolt. Iran has a home-built missile in its arsenal with the same name.

The air force, army and navy have been showing off their capabilities and new hardware for the last month in war games, which come amid mounting international concern over Tehran's nuclear programme.

Tehran has insisted that it seeks only civilian nuclear power, but is facing a US drive for sanctions on the UN Security Council after missing a deadline ordering it to halt sensitive uranium enrichment operations.