Monday, September 04, 2006

Khatami: Master of deception

No man in the world’s contemporary history has had more success in deceiving the world than Khatami.

Khatami has been invited to attend Washington National Cathedral to participate in a conference on September 5-6 to promote “dialogue”, according to the Rev. Canon John L. Peterson, director of its Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation.

We at S.O.S. Iran would like to go over this man’s track record as the president of the Islamic Republic from 1997 to 2005 and ask the hosts of this gathering respectfully to pose a few of our questions to him. READ MORE

Khatami’s track record:

Iranian people elected Khatami to create an environment in Iran conducive to the following changes; unfortunately none came to past under his eight year leadership.
• Freedom of political parties and the right to organize, including for those who did not accept clerical rule
• Freedom for establishment of labor unions and the right of workers to organize freely and engage in contract negotiations
• Dismantling of the repressive apparatus in all forms
• An end to the assassination of Iranian dissidents living in exile
• Freedom for all Iranians to equal treatment under the law, regardless of religion, sex, political belief, or ethnic background
• An end to press censorship and ownership laws that restricted press freedom, and free access to the international media for all Iranians
• Prosecution of those responsible for killing of some 18000 Iranians from June to September 1988
• An end to the training and support of foreign terrorist groups
Our questions for Khatami:
1. Does he agree with Iran’s new president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the state of Israel should be wiped out from the face of the earth? If the answer is No, has he publicly condemned this sentiment? Would he like to take this important opportunity to do so now, and to tell the whole world that the vast majority of Iranians do not condone or support this “anti dialogue” language?

2. During his eight years as President did he advocate the notion of “dialogue” to Hamas and Hezbollah for settling their disputes with Israel and if not, why not and would he like to use this opportunity to do so now?

3. During his presidency millions of dollars worth of military hardware were passed on to Hamas and Hezbollah. Now does Khatami believe these terrorist groups should be armed with weapons of mass destruction as a deterrent against their enemies?

4. During his eight years as President did he ever make an attempt to change an Islamic law that was in direct violation of the charter of human rights, like stoning women or lack of equal rights for woman? Why not?

5. On the subject that seems to be very close to his heart; “Dialogue among Civilizations”, as President did he make any attempts to have a dialogue with the Baha'is of Iran? Why not and would he like to do so on his return to Iran?

6. Has Khatami ever acknowledged in public that the Persian civilization has been an immense gift to the people of this planet, and that the first declaration of human rights came from the Persian king Cyrus the Great over 2500 years ago? Has he acknowledged that Cyrus the Great’s contribution to civilization should be respected in Iran instead of constructing a dam near Passargad that may flood the tomb of King Cyrus the Great along with what is left of the Persian heritage in Passargad? Why not when King Cyrus is widely accepted as one of the pioneers of “dialogue among civilizations” in the history of mankind?

7. Since the establishment of the Islamic regime in Iran the level of corruption, prostitution among young girls, addiction to drugs and suicide among young people have been the worst in the living memory. Does Khatami agree that poverty is the mother of all evils and does he really believe this failed regime should still be supported?

8. He used to air his frustrations on “forces” that used to work against his “reforms”. Does he understand now that reforming of “God’s words” is blasphemous?

9. Does he really believe that it is possible to reconcile the absolutisms of radical Islam with democracy, without mocking them both?

10. Does he really believe that it is possible to reconcile the absolutisms of radical Islam with God on the helm, with a democratic system of government with mortals on the helm, without making mockery of them both?
The Islamic regime justifies deceptions of their enemies, in this case the western civilization. Under an Islamic Shiite principle called “Tagheeyeh” Shiite Moslems are permitted to mislead or lie when signing contracts if they feel that the lie would benefit Islam in the long run.

The Islamic cleric regime in Iran strongly believes that the acquisition of atomic bombs would accelerate their march to Jerusalem and the return of “Mahdi”, who Shiite theology teaches that he will return to bring about an earthly utopia by destroying the enemies of Islam once and for all. We remind all attendees of the Washington National Cathedral event that while the soft spoken clergy from Iran is keeping them amused, Ahmadinejad the current President of Iran is paving the way for the return of Mahdi to convert them all to Islam, perhaps more or less the same way as they forced their religion to the civilized nation of Persia some 1300 years ago, i.e. through murder and atrocities.

It may interest you to know that upon his assumption of office in Iran, President Ahmadinejad chaired a formal meeting of ministers and deputies. The first order of business, said the new President, was the ratification of an agreement between the government of Iran and the 12th Imam, “Mahdi”. Apparently satisfied by this unusual request or demand, all present in the meeting signed the agreement, which was then dropped down the Jamakran well, the expected location for the return of the “long awaited one”, Mahdi.

The invitation by the Washington National Cathedral, granting of a US visa to Khatami by the American Administration, and the planned meeting between Khatami and ex-President Jimmy Carter, is a slap in the face of the 70 million Iranian people who have been told by President Bush, time and time again, that the American government will stand with the people of Iran and opposes the terrorist regime in Iran. Allowing Khatami to tour the United States and attending gala dinners is not only an insult to the thousands of the political prisoners in Iran, and the mourning families of the likes of Zahra Kazemi, and Akbar Mohammadi but is also providing cover and respectability to the oppressors of the innocent people of Iran .

Be warned, “The Man with the Chocolate Robe" may have some sweeteners in one pocket of his robe but it is the other pocket that we are worried about.

S.O.S. Iran