Thursday, February 17, 2005

Will Washington Support Democracy in Iran?

Blog Iran:
Hopefully the United States will support the Iranian people in this great time of democratic revolution.

If the United States doesn't support the Iranian people, then the spread of freedom and democracy in the Middle East is in danger because the world already knows where the EU governments (currently) stand (Also, WSJ article: "Parsing Gerhard". Of course we all understand and respect the fact that people, corporations and governments need and want to make money. There is nothing wrong with capitalism and the spread of freedom is not anti-capitalist in anyway, in fact a Middle East that is free, peaceful and democratic will not only strengthen the economies and growth of that region, but more importantly strengthen the overall global economy.

Why doesn't the world ditch the old policies of the past (supporting tyrants to facilitiate maximum business leverage and exploit humanity) in exchange for a level, democratic, and just playing field where business, creativity, capitalism, and humanity can evolve and progress to heights that can most certainly be achieved in a short time.

Update: Another 'Accidental' Fire at Tehran's Gold Bazar.