Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Poll: Majority in US support action against Iran

The Jerusalem Post:
According to a public opinion survey carried out by Anti-Defamation League, a majority of Americans support military action by the United States and Israel to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons as a last resort.

In the organization's survey "American Attitudes Toward Israel and the Middle East 2005," 1,600 American adults were questioned on the issue.

When asked, "Do you think America should take military action to stop Iran from developing or trying to develop a nuclear weapons program," 53% said yes; 37% said no. When asked the same question about Israel, 51% said yes, 34% said no....

The findings on the Iranian question, however, do not correspond to American opinion on the broader issue of a pre-emptive strategy. By a margin of 58% to 32%, the public opposes a pre-emptive action when it is not clear that there is an immediate threat to America's national security.