Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fischer voices alarm at escalation in dispute with Iran

Khaleej Times:
German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer voiced alarm on Sunday at the risk of military conflict over Iran's nuclear research and called on Teheran to be reasonable.

In remarks to be aired later on Sunday on a current-affairs programme on Germany's ARD public television network, Fischer said he wished that the Iranian leadership would grasp that they could fulfil their legitimate interests' in development and security by "employing reason". ARD quoted from the interview before it was aired.

Fischer said Iran's nuclear technology makes no sense for civilian use.

"It's like somebody manufacturing engines when they don't have any factories making cars, he said. That posed the question as to why Iran was pursuing nuclear research. READ MORE

If Teheran was moving in the direction of military use of nuclear skills, then I think that is very much a cause for concern.

A military escalation in Iran involves dangers that nobody will be able to control afterwards, he said.