Thursday, September 29, 2005

The head of the Tehran appeal court: No political motive in Zahra Kazemi's court file !

Iranian blogger, Morteza Abdolalian, Iran Watch Canada:
Mr. Abdolreza Tabatabaie the head of the appeal court in response to the question that, since Canada believe that there is a political motive behind Zahra Kazemis court file and because of this the Canadian government plan to introduce a human rights resolution against Iran , what would be your reaction, said : We are reviewing this court file by judicial viewpoint and not political. READ MORE

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More on Zahra Kazami from previous report:

On Monday May 16 / 2005 Tehran's appeal court division # 34 will review Zahra Kazemi's file. Prior to that Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the lawyer for Zahra Kazemi's family in speaking with ILNA's reporter said: Since this file is a criminal file and the primary court is not competence , therefore the matter should be dealt in criminal court.

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More on Zahra Kazemi from previous report:

Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Abdolfatah Soltani, Seyed Mohammad Seifzadeh and Shireen Ebadi are the lawyers for the family of Zahra Kazemi, they have issued a statement and demanded from the public relation of the Tehran judiciary by appointing a special prosecutor who is independent from Tehrans public prosecutors office and by ordering for re-enactment of the crime scene by using professionals and information take an effective step for truth finding.

Based on the information there are several soldiers who have witnessed the murdering and beside the place is monitored by video cameras which could be used for re-enactmentand.........

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