Monday, March 06, 2006

Festival of Light Celebrations in Iran message to the civilized world - March 14th

Public Relations Committee, SOSIran:

The Festival of Light Celebration (Chahar-shanbe -Soori) is an ancient Iranian custom, dating back several thousand years, when we celebrate the victory of light over darkness, warmth over cold, and love over hate. It is simply the time of year to rejoice the rebirth of nature in a prelude to the forthcoming spring.

This year, on the evening of Tuesday 14th March, we will demonstrate that after 27 years of intense suffering under the clerical regime we have not forgotten to show our love & affection for one another; nor have we forgotten to celebrate life and the humanitarian aspects within our ancient culture.

The clerical regime in Iran plans to suppress all such celebrations and festivities and wants to confront the populace with extreme force. In fact, the regime has already announced that they would clamp down on any “joviality's in public”. If the miserable history of this regime is anything to go by, this could mean prison, torture and even execution of innocent people. READ MORE

This is yet another proof of the sadistic nature of this regime, as if any more proof was even needed. It shows the regimes inherent animosity towards the public display of happiness and laughter.

Chahar-shanbe-Soori gives us a chance to put on show, for the whole world, the contrast between ourselves and these rulers. On this day, March 14th 2006, we ask you to observe and morally support the Iranian people in their struggle against the evil of our time. Please keep your eyes on Iran and let your government representatives know that you are interested.

Only in this way, can we pressure the clerical regime such that it does not commit crimes against humanity.

We do understand that the rest is up to us, the Iranian people. To rid our country, and this world, of such a destructive ideology, and replace it with harmony and friendship towards the world.

Iran of Tomorrow Movement (IOTM) is a not for profit organization with volunteer members across the globe. The organizational aspect of this movement is performed by a number of Western educated technocrats who have undertaken the responsibility of removing the roots of Islamic terrorism by fighting for the rights and cultural identity of Iranians.
The regime has banned the March 14th celebration, the edict saying: "The use of fireworks, sparklers and fire crackers which will lead to fun, conviviality and frolic is haraam and any further references to all Persian traditions and culture before Islam is directly anti-Islamic and immoral."