Monday, March 06, 2006

General Safavi: Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps is strongest military power in the Middle East

Mehran Riazaty: Iran Analyst
On March 6, 06- Mehr news agency reported that the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Brigadier General Yahya Rahim Safavi, said not only is Iran the heart of the Middle East/Caucasus region but it is also the strategic center of the world. Speaking at a gathering of officials from the Supreme Leader’s representative offices in the IRGC, he stated that the IRGC is currently the most powerful military force in the Middle East. READ MORE

Safavi added that the plans of the World Wide Oppression (referring to the U.S. and British) with the leadership of the United States in Iraq have been completely defeated. He added that the Iraqi Constitution is Islamic Constitution and majority of the Iraqi parliament’s members are from the United Iraq Alliance (Shiite). He noted that the members of the United Iraq Alliance are also have occupied all of the important positions in the Iraqi parliament.

Safavi said that the plans of the United States are also has been failed in Lebanon and Palestine. He added that the United States was not able to disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon. By referring to Hamas victory in Palestinian election, Safavi said that the Hamas members are now building missiles with 10 kilometers range.

Safavi states that the Americans have spent lots of money to overthrow Saddam and Taliban regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, but at the end the Muslims are the true winner in these countries not the Americans.

Safavi went on to say that the identification of the enemy is necessary in order to thwart domestic and foreign political plots and to promote the capability of the country to face the threats.

Analyst Comment: On February 06, 06 -Iran's Interior Minister Security Deputy, Brigadier General Zolghadr said that using victory term for Islamic Revolution doesn’t mean a short period in which revolution started and finished in Iran. He added "Americans tried to establish a dependent regime in Iraq and increase their pressure on Iran, but their policies in Iraq were failed and today, Iran's friends in Iraq seized the power.”

Mehran Riazaty: a former Iran analyst for the Central Command of the Coalition Forces in Baghdad.