Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Runaway girls and deserted women face grave danger on the streets of Iran by the Islamic regime’s forces

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
According to received reports, on Thursday, April 13th, the Islamic regime’s Basiji forces apprehended a large number of runaway girls and deserted women and took them to an unknown location.

A reliable source who wished to remain anonymous told the organization of Young Freedom Fighters of Iran: The plan for this nefarious action was organized and put into action two weeks ago by a few of the authorities from the Exigency and Punishment sector who have empowered members of the Basij to round up these unfortunate women. It is quite possible that the regime would have mass executed them. The regime is intent on ‘purging’ Iranian society during The Year of Mohammad, stirring national morality standards toward the principles of the 12th Imam’s country. As such in recent days runaway girls and deserted woman have been harassed, threatened and intimidated by the regime’s plainclothes agents; the women have been warned that they should either leave Iran by the end mid-June or be executed. The Basij forces have been given specific religious proclamations regarding the mass execution of these girls and women. These plainclothes agents are said to drive unlicensed mini-buses and have been spotted driving around and randomly carrying off women after 11 p.m. ”

Sahar and Ashraf are two women of a group of women who live together in an apartment after their husbands either died or abandoned them, who have no other family and who have no employment opportunities other than prostitution to support themselves. Sahar and Ashraf were revealed to the Basiji forces, which in turned threatened, them. Ashraf said that the agents who threatened her have also told her that special services are being provided for their passage out of Iran. Sahar, confirmed Ashraf’s comments and added: “These characters who threatened us fall silent when we ask them to help us get respectable jobs; they tell us, leave the country or stay and die.”
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