Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mullahs' Regime Next Crisis Will Be Human Rights in Iran
Mehdi Motaharnia, a political expert and regime's analyst believes that if and when Iran manages to resolve its problems with the international community on the nuclear issue, the next crisis it will face will be over its human rights dossier. READ MORE

"The Zahra Kazemi case which has been back in the headlines in recent weeks is an example.

Therefore, the Islamic Republic should not leave everything for the last minute and think ahead, and, proactively and preemptively think of ways of trying to deal with the impending problem," mullahs' analyst Motaharnia added: "In the Islamic Republic, the government derives its power from Allah (arabs' god) and god's laws are paramount and govern people's behavior.

Therefore, the world should understand that contrary to the West where human law governs, in the Islamic Republic, God's law governs. In other words, humans are not the center of universe but God is the center of universe.

The classical definition of human rights is 'life' but its modern definition is different and is based on 'choice'.

"Motaharnia who is also a university lecturer moreover stated: "The Islamic Republic does not have a problem with the classical definition of human rights but its modern definition that believes there should be no limitations on human freedom and that the limit is up to any individual is unacceptable.

In the West, religion and law are two completely different topics but in the Islamic Republic, religion is the law."