Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Female protesters injured at Azadi ('Freedom') stadium

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Several female protesters were seriously injured as Islamist militiamen attacked them in the parking areas of Tehran's Azadi ('Freedom') stadium. The demonstrators supported by tens of males were carrying placards condemning the official systematic Gender Apartheid policy and the ban of Iranian women from soccer games. READ MORE

The anger of the group was raised as a 'selected' group of female were allowed in the stadium in order to help the regime showing a better face and 'more' human face to some naive reporters in quest of seeing 'reforms' taking place in Iran.

Slogans, such as, "na roossari, natoosari" (no veil, no submission), "edalat, barabari" (justice, equality), "marg bar estebdad" (down with dictatorship), "marg bar taleban , tche kabol, tche tehran" (down with taleban, in Kabol and in Tehran) were shouted by many demonstrators who were seen resisting against the brutal attacks of plainclothes and bassij force's men.

Several injured females were transferred to the nearby hospitals due to broken nose or legs.

It's to note that many Iranian women are intending to protest against the existing discrimination by gathering on Sunday June 12th in front of Tehran University.

Ms. Bush's speech, in Amman, in favor of women of Middle east has energized many of Iranian women and they believe that as the American executive, President Bush, has stated: "America will stand by Iranian People when they will rise for freedom".