Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Number of injured increases as soccer riots continue

SMCCDI (Information Service):
The number of injured is increasing as clashes are taking place in most areas of the Capital and several provincial cities.

Females, often young, are the majority among those brutalized by regime's plainclothes men and Bassij members.

Acid, Knives, chains or clubs have been used against most of them showing the deep respect of Iranian women by a regime which promotes the systematic Gender Apartheid policy.

In Guisha, Shahrak e Gharb, Gohardasht and Tajrish areas of Tehran several women were seen bleeding from faces or arms. Same kind of brutality have been reported from Mashad and Hamedan.

Many maverick Iranians have been reported as rescuing the wives, mothers, sisters and girl friends who defy the regime's brutal Islamist agents. Tens of these agents have also been beaten up by exasperated Iranians who feel stronger due to this evening's collective move.

There's almost no official symbol or propaganda for the upcoming sham Presidential election which has been left intact by the demonstrators.

In many areas fires are made by demonstrators who shout slogans against the regime and its leadership.