Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ahmadinejad: Iran in need of evolution, evolutionary decisions

Islamic Republic News Agency:
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad answered the questions posed by reporters present at Majlis after three of his four proposed ministers got the MPs vote of confidence here Wednesday.

A reporter called the president's cabinet the "Wonders Cabinet", asking him the reason behind efforts made by his government to change the whole management system of the country inside and outside Iran and to eliminate all managers of the past eight years with no exception. READ MORE

The president said, "Iran is in need of an evolution and adopting evolutionary decisions today." He added, "Our bureaucratic administrative system slows down the process of executive affairs and does not permit the government to take full advantage of the entire potential of the nation in a bid to construct our country. We need to broaden the circle of macro-scale management and not to resort to famous personalities for top management posts." The president added, "This does not mean that the famous personalities are not appropriate for such posts, or that all those who are not well known fit the purpose, or even that all those fit for top management posts are those that we have selected." Ahmadinejad said, "It is not so. We have done our best, relying on the possibilities at our disposal, based on the values and norms that matter to us, and keeping in mind the need to preserve harmony among cabinet members, to choose the most appropriate people." He added, "We believe by broadening the circle of management in the country beyond the range of famous personalities we are giving a chance to the youth and the dynamic and energetic forces to materialize our evolutionary ideals and this does not equal negating the potentials of others, but is understanding the necessities of the revolution today." He reiterated, "We fully respect all those who have served the system and those who are serving it today, but meanwhile believe that close circle needs to be broken and that is just what we would do." The president said, "This is, of course, a very tough decision, resulting in severe pressure imposed on the chosen top managers and pressure against the government. It increased the volume of political and propagation pressure imposed against the government, but we need to resist." Ahmadinejad reiterated, "The new generations step in, cleverer, more brilliant, more informed, and more pious, and our responsibility is not to freeze the sphere of management system in the country." He said, "Two months and thirteen days have passed since the establishment of government today. While fully respecting the previous governments, they had no infrastructure, progressive, and basic ratifications in such a short period, while they were backed by parties, groups, and factions." He added, "But this government, relying on the people's might, the grace of God, and its own potentials, began its work and has had the maximum number of strongest ratifications so far." Ahmadinejad said, "Despite numerous problems and obstacles inside and outside the country the government has managed to take full control of the affairs and to rule effectively, while many people had predicted that the new government was deprived of the required potential for harnessing the campaign launched against it inside and outside Iran." He said, "The government has acted satisfactorily and wisely, and today our status is much better compared to a few months ago." The president added, "It took the previous government more than five months to get fully established and its economic policies were declared tow years after that, while this government has had four infrastructure economic ratifications within merely two months." Referring to the significant economic ratifications of the government within the past two months, Ahmadinejad said, "I believe these are great ratifications. The government is performing its duties without propagating about it, and this is the only government that has been imposed to so much antagonist propagation campaign from within and outside in the short span of two months."

The president added, "That is because the government is determined to shoulder basic tasks and has focussed on key issues with which the country is entangled. We understand very well the reason why the outsiders and ill-wishers are annoyed and are determined to resist the move toward establishment of justice. We hope the government would leave behind a brilliant record at the end of its tenure."