Saturday, August 19, 2006

Week in Review

DoctorZin provides a review of this past week's [8/13/06 - 8/19/06] major news events regarding Iran. (The reports are listed in chronological order, not by importance) READ MORE

Iran behind Hezbollah's war on Israel - The cease fire.
  • Reuters reported that Iran welcomed a planned ceasefire to halt the month-long war between Lebanon's Hizbollah and Israel but described the U.N. Security Council's call for disarming Iranian-backed Hezbollah as "illogical".
  • reported that Iranian leaders claim the war in Lebanon has resulted in "total defeat" for Israel.
  • reported that an Iranian plane was forced to land in Turkey. The plane's destination was Lebanon loaded with revolutionary guards. Israeli and American fighters forced one of these planes loaded with mid-range missiles heading to Lebanon to land back in Iran.
  • Aviation Week & Space Technology reported that the Iranian government has a cadre of "hundreds" of technical advisers in Lebanon that trained, and continue to support, Hezbollah forces in the use of sophisticated anti-ship and anti-tank missiles and unmanned aircraft.
  • David Makovsky, New York Daily News argued that if Hezbollah emerges from this conflict emboldened, it is a safe bet that Iran will set out to make still more militia mayhem.
  • Reuters reported that President Bush said Iran must stop supporting armed groups trying to derail democracies in Iraq and Lebanon.
  • Iran Press News reported that Nasrollah Safir, bishop and leader of the Lebanese Maronite Christians, stated that all Lebanese should realize that the greatest danger of all today comes from the regime in Tehran.
  • Iran Focus reported that an array of weapons made in Iran was discovered in Iraq’s southern port city of Um Qasr. In the weapons cache were hundreds of Katyusha rockets and mortar shells as well as several thousand light arms, all been manufactured in neighboring Iran.
  • Condoleezza Rice, The Washington Post explained why the UN resolution on Lebanon is, in her mind, a path to lasting peace. But she also said to USA Today: "I don't think there is an expectation that this (U.N.) force is going to physically disarm Hezbollah."
  • Neil King Jr., The Wall Street Journal argued that the ambiguous conclusion to Israel's latest battle with Hezbollah looks to have weakened Washington's hand, and strengthened Iran's, in the escalating showdown over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
  • Arthur Herman, New York Post argued that historians will look back at this weekend's cease-fire agreement in Lebanon as a pivotal moment in the war on terror. It is pivotal in the same sense that the Munich agreement between Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain was pivotal.
  • Amir Taheri, Gulf News argued that the ceasefire ordered in Lebanon by the United Nations Security Council may well create more problems than it solves, ultimately sowing the seeds of an even larger and deadlier conflict.
  • Toronto Star reported that an already fragile ceasefire in the Middle East now appears in greater danger of unraveling, threatened by Hezbollah's refusal to disarm and Israeli charges that Iran and Syria are already rearming its enemy. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said: "This war is not over yet."
  • TurkishPress reported that Turkey has grounded two Syria-bound Iranian planes over the past month to search for weapons following Israeli intelligence that Iran is supplying rockets to Hezbollah.
  • Iran Press News reported that the regime-run Fars news agency reported: “The minister of housing and urban development of the Islamic regime announced that he is ready to rebuild Lebanon."
  • Fox News reported that Iran has been attempting to rearm the Lebanon-based terror network Hezbollah since the U.N.-backed cease-fire.
  • YNet News reported that Abu Nasser, commander of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in Nablus, encouraged by war results said 'Our brothers demonstrated what we have felt in recent years: Israel falling apart. Next time Iran will be in picture with missiles on Tel Aviv and it will be easier'.
  • USA Today reported that the United States blocked an Iranian cargo plane's flight to Syria last month. The plane returned to Tehran, where the military cargo was unloaded.
  • Reuters reported that Hezbollah handed out bundles of cash on Friday to people whose homes were wrecked by Israeli bombing, consolidating the Iranian-backed group's support among Lebanon's Shi'ites.
  • Haaretz reported that for the first time in 30 years, the Lebanese Army deployed south of the Litani River. But, the Lebanese Army has no plans to drive Hezbollah out of the South and the Ayatollahs is on the verge of witnessing the realization of its dream for a "mini-Iran" in southern Lebanon.
  • Amir Taheri, Asharq Alawsat examined the myth of Hezbollah's victory in Lebanon in its recent war with Israel.
  • Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post reminded us that the UN's latest resolution calling for the disarmament is the 7th such resolution and if they are not disarmed we are headed for a complete repudiation of the bottom-line American position.
  • Mona Fayyad, Lebanon Wire, a Lebanese writer argued confronting difficult questions and putting them out in public could help prevent the Lebanese from falling to the precipice that has no return. In doing so, she explains what it is to be a Shiite now in Lebanon.
  • Dow Jones Newswires reported that three U.S. allies in the Mideast are spearheading an Arab effort to present a plan for reviving the stalled peace process and talks with Israel.
Ahmadinejad's promised message to the world coming soon... August 22nd?
  • Patrick Poole, examined Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic faith. A must read.
  • Caroline Glick, The Jerusalem Post provided evidence of the coming wars she fears soon will come to the Middle East and warns that Israel is not yet prepared for it.
  • Amir Taheri, Arab News argued that Lebanon is just a prelude to a bigger, longer, costlier, and deadlier struggle.
  • The Scotsman reported that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned against any military strike on Iran.
Iran's Nuclear Program & The UN Security Council.
  • Reuters reported that Iran said on Western threats and pressure would not resolve a dispute over its atomic program but could push Tehran to review its nuclear policy.
  • reported that China's assistant foreign minister will travel to Iran today to discuss the ongoing nuclear crisis.
  • BBC News reported that Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's foreign minister said Iran is ready to discuss the suspension of its uranium enrichment program as demanded by Western powers.
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that China's top envoy in charge of nonproliferation issues has urged Iran to accept an incentives package offered by China and five other countries in exchange for suspending uranium enrichment.
  • Reuters reported that the United States expects the United Nations to act swiftly next month and consider sanctions against Iran if it does not drop its nuclear program.
  • Forbes reported that the United States intends to act next month to have the United Nations impose penalties on Iran for refusing to suspend its enrichment of uranium.
  • Bronwen Maddox, The Times Online reported that the Lebanon crisis has turned up the heat with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. This week has brought new signs that Tehran won’t back down. But Iran has stirred in, too, some mollifying gestures and clearly hopes to play a clever game, one step back from the brink of outright provocation.
  • Henry Sokolski, National Review Online argued that the nuclear deal Washington is currently dangling before Iran to entice it to halt its declared uranium-enrichment program is a cure nearly as awful as the disease.
60 Minute interview with Ahmadinejad.
  • John McIntyre, RealClearPolitics reviewed Ahmadinejad's 60 Minutes interview and argued that if the interview were a boxing match, the Iranian President won in a blow out.
  • C-SPAN aired an unedited version of Mike Wallace's interview with Ahmadinejad.
  • Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal suggested the questions that 60 Minutes should have asked Ahmadinejad.
  • Bernard Goldberg, The Wall Street Journal reported on the 60 minutes interview with Ahmadinejad and argued that Ahmadinejad is television savvy and understands the media at least as well as Mike Wallace does.
Iranian leaders threats.
  • Yahoo News reported that Iran's president has launched a Web log, using his first entry to ask visitors to the site if they think the United States and Israel want to start a new world war.
  • LittleGreenFootballs warned its readers that Ahmadinejad's Blog is dangerous because it may try to exploit a weakness in Internet Explorer to install a “back door” in your computer.
  • CNN News reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Hezbollah has toppled U.S.-led plans for the Middle East.
  • MyWay News reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran would not yield to Western pressure to give up its home-grown nuclear technology.
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that an Iranian hard-line cleric warned Israel that Iran's 2,000-kilometer missiles will land in Tel Aviv if the Jewish state attacks Iran.
Iranian dissident's.
  • Los Angeles Times reported that in LA, Ganji affirmed Israel's right to statehood,s vow to destroy the Jewish state.
  • Iran Press News reported that on July 9th on the 7th anniversary ceremonies of the, 1999 Tehran University uprisings, the Islamic regime, attacked and arrested a few of our friends who had gathered in Tehran; they were transferred to an unknown location and they are still in detention.
  • Rooz Online reported that Ramin Jahanbegloo’s ‘confessions about his so called role in the velvet revolution of Iran are going to be soon broadcast on national television in Iran.
  • Iran Press News reported that the Mohammadi family has demanded that the Islamic regime identify all those who had a hand in the murder of their son.
The unrest inside of Iran.
  • Khaleej Times Online reported that armed bandits killed eight Iranian police and wounded three others in an ambush in southern Iran.
Human Rights and Freedom of the Press in Iran.
  • Yahoo News reported that Iranian authorities are stepping up arrests and pressure on popular bloggers as part of a wider Internet clampdown.
  • Fox News reported that an exhibition of more than 200 cartoons about the Holocaust opened Monday as Iran's response to last year's Muslim outrage over a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. But interestingly, only about 50 people attended the exhibition's opening.
  • Iran Press News reported that the Islamic regime once again executed three people on the grounds of the Zahedan prison.
The corruption in the Iranian leadership.
  • Iran Press News reported that one of the biggest contracts in the history of the oil and gas industry has become a tug of war between certain families Iranian administration. The contract entitled "NIOC LNG” is considered to be equal to two years of Iran’s oil income and given to nephews of the vice president.
  • Rooz Online reported the Iranian administration is seeking changes to its election law which would put the relegation of the supervising and even procedural tasks of screening candidates to the Baseej para-military forces that are part of the Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps. Amazing.
The Iranian Military.
  • Iran Focus reported that Iran will launch a new round of war-games later this week, putting on display new Iranian-make armaments.
  • World Tribune reported that Iran launched a new round of military exercises in an effort to test its new combat doctrine using weapons systems which were apparently tested in the recent war in Lebanon.
  • Threats Watch reviewed the latest developments in Iran as it relates to Ahmadinejad's promise of a response on the nuclear crisis August 22nd.
  • Ardeshir Dolat reported that according to a secret report to Khamenei, American and Israeli planes flew over Tehran in the past few nights. Disinformation?
  • Islamic Republic News Agency reported that the Iranian armed forces began their first stage of massive wargames code-named `Blow of Zolfaqar.' Various units of air-support Army chinook helicopters, unmanned planes, parachutists, electronic war units and special forces are participating in the maneuver.
  • Reuters reported that a senior Iranian army commander said the armed forces were prepared for any action by Israel after what Iran has called the Jewish state's defeat at the hands of Lebanon's Hizbollah guerrillas.
The Iranian Economy.
  • The Mercury News reported that at least 5 million of Iran's 65 million people regularly use the Internet, according to estimates by international agencies. The figure is expected to grow sharply in the next decade.
  • IranMania reported that the total number of the cell phones in Iran will reach 15 million by February 19, 2007.
  • Iran Press News reported that 500 workers seeking work have been dispatched to Iraq.
  • Forbes reported that Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad's popular support comes from his appeals to social justice and Iranian nationalism. It also reflects working-class anger at the corruption of the past governments. However, the economic news since his election has largely been bad and is likely to cause his support to drop dramatically.
  • Iran Press News reported that the regime-run news agency, ILNA, said: “The status of 30 big factories in the province of Gilan is extremely critical and over 7000 workers are in limbo and paying for the [regime’s] erroneous policies of privatization.
  • Reuters reported that Wall Street may hit some turbulence next week, with Iran's nuclear dispute with the West poised to come to a head.
Iran and the International community.
  • Iran Press News reported that American company Halliburton recently instructed its branch offices that they refrain from renewing their contracts with all their employees of Iranian nationality.
  • Iran Press News reported that the regime-run site Aref News wrote: "Some of the diplomats stationed in the German embassy in Tehran with inauguration of their German language training institute were plotting to exploit possible opportunities."
  • The Guardian reported that Turkey and Iran dispatched tanks, artillery and thousands of troops to their frontiers with Iraq during the past few weeks in what appears to be a coordinated effort to disrupt the activities of Kurdish rebel bases. Scores of Kurds have fled their homes in the northern frontier region after four days of shelling by the Iranian army. Where is the MSM on this?
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that a senior Israeli delegation headed to Moscow to complain that Russian-made anti-tank missiles had reached Hezbullah guerrillas in Lebanon.
  • The Washington Post reported that two Shiite Muslim parties accused Iran of instigating violence in Iraq and attempting to destabilize the country, exposing a growing rift within Iraq's largest sect.
  • National Post reported that Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay says Tehran has "blood on its hands" for backing Hezbollah in its recent war against Israel.
The US Congress on Iran.
  • Sam Brownback, CNN News argued that the Iranian leader's arrogance in pursuing the nuclear bomb may well be their undoing.
Must Read reports.
  • Roger Scruton, The Wall Street Journal examined the term "Islamofascism" and that the word provides a convenient way of announcing that you are not against Islam but only against its perversion by the terrorists. But this prompts the question whether terrorism is really as alien to Islam.
  • Amil Imani, Persian Journal argued that "useful idiots" are Islam's best soldiers and that this new generation of "useful idiots" also lives in liberal democracies but serves the cause of Islamofascism.
  • The Detroit News reported that 58 percent of Americans in the poll think Iran is now the "main promoter of Islamic fascism in the Middle East," and 76 percent believe Iran must be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons "at any cost."
  • Sydney Morning Herald reported on the changing face of Iran. A very interesting report.
  • Caroline Glick, The Jerusalem Post provided evidence of the coming wars she fears soon will come to the Middle East and warns that Israel is not yet prepared for it.
  • Michael Slackman, The New York Times provided an important lesson for Americans in the fine Iranian art of hiding what you mean to say. A must read.
  • Amil Imani, The Family Security Matters untangled facts from myth in understanding the Muslim mindset.
The Experts.
  • Michael Ledeen, The National Review Online reminded us the terror masters in Syria and Iran are waging a regional war against us, running from Afghanistan and Iraq to, Gaza, Israel, and Lebanon.
  • Ilan Berman, American Foreign Policy Council reported that al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is attempting to mend fences with the Iranian leadership. In a letter to Saad Bin Laden, currently in Iran under the protection of the regime), Zawahiri telegraphed a number of changes in the terror group's regional strategy aimed at preserving al-Qaeda's tactical partnership with the Islamic Republic.
  • Amir Taheri, Gulf News argued that the ceasefire ordered in Lebanon by the United Nations Security Council may well create more problems than it solves, ultimately sowing the seeds of an even larger and deadlier conflict.
  • Kenneth R. Timmerman, reported that a new study of 115 Iranian school textbooks concludes that Iran is preparing its children for war, and is willing to risk massive casualties for the opportunity to defeat America in a world-wide cataclysmic confrontation.
  • Amir Taheri, Asharq Alawsat examined the myth of Hezbollah's victory in Lebanon in its recent war with Israel.
  • Amir Taheri, Arab News argued that Lebanon is just a prelude to a bigger, longer, costlier, and deadlier struggle.
Photos, cartoons and videos.
  • A satirical photo of Ahmadinejad. He would fit in with this crowd.
  • reported that he war between Israel and Hizbullah has revealed profound disagreement in the Arab world. They published excerpts from articles published in the Arab media. A must read.
  • The Weekly Standard published a graphic parody: Iran considers package of incentives offered by United States - New offer to include three free months of DirecTV.
  • Iran Press News published a photo of a recent sign outside of Tehran.
  • Cox & Forkum published another cartoon: Undeniable.
  • One Jerusalem released an audio version of a conversation between bloggers and Israel's Ambassador Lubrani's thoughts on Iran's internal politics, the impact of the recent war in Lebanon, and Iran's increasing role in regional politics.
  • published excerpts from a speech by Ahmad Khatami, member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts where he warned that Israel: "should fear the day that our missiles, with a range of 2,000 kilometers, land in the heart of Tel Aviv." Video.
The Quote of the Week.
CNN News reported that Ahmadinejad told a huge crowd in Arbadil in northwestern Iran:

"God's promises have come true," "On one side, it's corrupt powers of the criminal U.S. and Britain and the Zionists .... with modern bombs and planes. And on the other side is a group of pious youth relying on God."